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Pharma Advertisers: Are You Being Left Behind as HCPs Go Mobile?

Doctors and healthcare professionals historically have been slow to adapt to new technology, yet the benefits of using mobile advertising could change the landscape. With the widespread availability of various technological platforms, mobile phone use seems to be at the forefront. 52% of physicians say they use their mobile device to access data.1 So, if a majority of healthcare providers (HCPs) are actively engaging with their mobile devices, why aren’t pharma companies investing more dollars in mobile advertising?

The pharmaceutical industry is lagging behind other major industries in terms of utilizing the developments of modern technologies. Hence, the companies that need to reach healthcare professionals are still putting most of their media dollars into desktop advertising rather than mobile, even though mobile advertising is the way of the future. In fact, eMarketer predicts that advertising spending on mobile devices will surpass what advertisers spend on desktop in 2016. Specifically, mobile ad spending in the U.S will jump 60% more than desktop advertising.

Smartphone use has grown astronomically in the past few years, prompting the rise of mobile internet access. Aside from the latest Android and iPhone models, tablets have also been contributing to the rise of mobile. Recent data shows that more and more healthcare providers (HCPs) are using their mobile devices to access the web. Looking at medical content specifically, research by MedData Group found that specialty-specific or clinical content was the leading type viewed via mobile by US physicians. Pharma information was also popular among a multitude of respondents, while one-third consumed continuing medical education articles. In MedData polling in September 2014, 37% of US physicians said ensuring a mobile-friendly experience for their clinicians was top of mind when it came to info technologies used at practices—the second-highest response.2

In order for pharmaceutical companies to take advantage of this growing trend, it is imperative that they partner with quality content and mobile partners who have experience in the space. Medical content is complicated: there are literally millions of destinations for health-related information. The mobile partner you choose needs to have aggregated all of the relevant content for your HCP audience and offer unique, unduplicated access to the very best of those mobile sites and apps.

A second factor for a successful pharma mobile campaign is to choose a partner with a proven track record navigating the intricate nature of MLR approval for banners. There’s a myth in the pharma industry, even among seasoned executives, that pharma brands cannot utilize the mobile screen due to legal restrictions, but that’s not the case. In fact, many black box brands have used mobile effectively.

Going forward, mobile advertising is a very powerful tool for HCPs. Working with a premium advertising network is crucial to a campaign’s success. This means working with a company that is established, with a respectable publisher base, comprised of intelligent people with a deep knowledge of Pharma. Ultimately, however, it is the job of all pharmaceutical companies to innovate and invest media dollars effectively to reach HCPs to drive results. Since over half of HCPs are using Mobile on a daily basis to access information, it is imperative to recognize the importance of going Mobile.

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2 “Mobile Officially a Staple in the Doctor’s Office.” eMarketer., 26 Mar. 2015. Web. Date Accessed: 25 May 2016.

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