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Definitions for the Age of Identity Resolution

Here are some definitions that may help to navigate the waters of ad serving within the new age of identity resolution.

Identity Resolution: A data matching process that ties a customer by location & device profile to a set of variables within a database. By solving for identity, you can find a customer in multiple ways across browsers, online, offline, mobile, desktop and identify the customer’s needs at a particular moment in time.

Curated Experiences: using identity resolution and data to discover important variables about individuals to create a personalized messaging experience based on time, location, and emotional moment.

Machine Learning: Algorithmically relating data within customer profiles, including the physical place they are at, whether online or offline, the device they are using, and the moment they are in their customer journey in order to auto curate personalized messages.

Deterministic: Assumes certainty – e.g. you can determine with 100% accuracy that an identified customer is exactly who you think they are and you are relating the correct profile to the correct person.

Probablistic: Assumes uncertainty – e.g. you determine with 90% accuracy that an identified customer matches a profile.

Fragmented Identity: Having trouble tying the same identity to people cross platform (Firefox, Chrome, IE), cross device (mobile, laptop, desktop), and/or cross domain.

Use Cases: Developing situations that customers might be in, in order to provide personalized messaging to them.

Programmatic: Above and beyond real time bidding – moving into decisioning with a high level of automation (particularly which creative to serve to what person at what moment in their customer journey on what device or platform).

DSP: Demand Side Platform – allows buyers or advertisers to manage multiple ad exchanges through one interface.

SSP: Supply Side Platform – allows sellers or publishers to manage their inventory or ad space.

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