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Google going against their core values and fixing auctions?

In a surprising move, Google is following Madison Avenues buying preference rather than blazing their own unique path as they’ve done historically. The company that popularized the auction based pricing model for advertising is changing its course when it comes to display advertising and video. Inking a deal, which by the sounds of it will […]


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Date posted: October 25, 2013

Quadrant buys Elsevier’s IMNG

Quadrant pulls off a whopper of a deal and acquires Elsevier’s IMNG group for an undisclosed sum making the newly combined company, which will go under the name Frontline Medical Communications, the largest medical publisher by ad volume in the US. Kudos to Steve Stoneburn on executing and orchestrating a true David buys Goliath deal […]


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Date posted: September 10, 2012

Publicis merges Razorfish and Healthware

Consolidation even within the conglomerates pushes Publicis’ Razorfish Health together with Healthware to form Razorfish | Healthware. This is great for pharma clients, as Healthware appears to give Razorfish a much greater International presence and local offices and expertise in several countries around the globe.


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Date posted: August 29, 2012

WorldOne buys Sermo

Congratulations to the team over at WorldOne on their acquisition of Sermo. Applying an established market research business against the well known but struggling physician community may be one of the best things that could happen to the online community. Terms of the deal or deal structure do not appear to have been disclosed. Sermo […]


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Date posted: July 19, 2012

WebMD Exploring Sales Process as Lipitor goes off patent

Maybe it’s Lipitor’s pending loss of patent protection and the drought in pharmaceutical pipelines, or more likely perhaps is the announcement of significant minority shareholder positions by both Carl Icahn and George Soros in recent weeks and the interesting phone calls with management that likely took place since)… Or perhaps is competition from Everyday Health, […]


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Abbott Splits Into Two

Abbott announced that it will separate into two publicly traded companies, one its $18-billion pharma unit and the other its $22-billion diversified medical products business. The research-based pharmaceutical company, which has yet to be named, will be led by 30-year Abbott veteran Richard Gonzalez, currently EVP for global pharmaceuticals. It will focus on “select specialty […]


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P&G sees value in user-generated content 08/08/2011

P&G ties up a sponsorship with BlogHer network featuring 10 P&G brands.  Not every advertisers is fearful of UGC and community… some are embracing it’s power. MediaPost Publications P&G Ties Up One-Year Deal With BlogHer 08/08/2011. Here are some tips for Pharma on using social media (if you dare)


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Date posted: August 8, 2011

Publicis Acquires Rosetta, Now a Bigger Digital Powerhouse

Publicis, having already rolled up early entrant digital agency brands such as Digitas and Razorfish, now continues on the buying spree and acquires Rosetta, one of the largest digital strategy agencies that had, up until now, remained independent.  The all cash acquisition was for $575MM, represents a purchase price of 2.3X revenue and includes additional […]


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Date posted: May 17, 2011

Google Launches Real-Time Search

According to Mashable, Google’s launch of real-time search for the entire world is imminent.  Already available in via  clicking on any “Hot Topic” under Google Trends, soon to be rolled out in full. To feed the real-time search results, Google has done deals with not only Twitter but also Facebook and MySpace to incorporate real-time […]


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Date posted: December 8, 2009

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