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Is Viewability Killing the Golden Goose of Loyal Audience?

Media prices have always historically reflected a price for the “opportunity to see” an ad, not a guarantee that the ad would be seen. However, some agencies have jumped on new technology that measures “viewability” as a means to renegotiate and pay only for viewable advertising. Any time you change compensation terms in an agreement, […]


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Date posted: February 18, 2016

PM360 features eHS ConferenceInsider as a top innovative product of 2015

PM360 top innovative products of 2015 are out and eHealthcare Solutions’ ConferenceInsider makes the cut. eHealthcare Solutions (EHS) ConferenceInsider is a comprehensive, multichannel, three-month digital program that makes it easier for life science marketers to deliver a brand message in conjunction with a key healthcare industry conference in alignment with their target audience. Read the […]


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Date posted: December 16, 2015

Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy

Pharma Guy, John Mack, recently collaborated on a pharmaceutical marketer how to text-book with Letizia Affinito called, “Socialize Your Patient Engagement Strategy” How Social Media and Mobile Apps Can Boost Health Outcomes. The text is a great read and addresses all things digital marketing and social media in this deep exploration and overview of the […]


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Date posted: September 9, 2015

Is Your Website Compliant with the EU Cookie Law?

A How-to Guide for Complying with EU Cookie Legislation On July 27, Google launched a new user consent policy for publishers that run Google AdSense (also includes AdX). If you run AdSense on your site and if your website attracts visitors from any country in the European Union, Google is encouraging you to comply with […]


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Date posted: August 28, 2015

Native Mobile Ads: Increase Your User Engagement

3 ways mobile ad strategies can go native from Mobile Marketer discusses the effectiveness of making the transition from interstitial and banner ads to native ads. Native ads on mobile platforms increase user engagement by 100-400% as compared to banners. Native ads have the disadvantage, however, of breaking the one-size-fits-all approach to banner ads.  A […]


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Date posted: August 3, 2015

Social Media & Mobile Advertising on the Rise

MarketingCharts reported  4 trends in US online advertising spending, including mobile and social media ad jumps. Although non-mobile desktops are still prominent, non-mobile search reduced to 38% from 43% in 2013 and mobile ad spending grew by 76%. This  shows that more  US Adults are more Mobile-Only than Desktop-Only internet users. Social media advertising grew 58% […]


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Date posted: May 4, 2015

Where Will Your Site Stand After Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm Update?

Google has announced that on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, it will be bringing a major change to its search engine algorithm.  This update will focus expressly on whether your website, landing pages, and blog are fully optimized for mobile.  Those sites that are mobile optimized will enjoy a dramatic Google search engine ranking increase, as many of […]


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Date posted: April 16, 2015

Big Buyer Taking Media In House… Trend or Exception?

Land Rover is taking its advertising “in-house” via an in-house agency. Is this a trend?  Increasingly with technology make it really easy to buy and sell audience and media online, we are seeing more clients take control of their marketing spend and execution, which is further disrupting the agency business model.  Is this a good […]


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Date posted: March 30, 2015

Benchmarks from comScore 2014

If you haven’t read this white paper by comScore, yet, I highly recommend it: 2015 US Digital Future in Focus It has some good benchmarks, here are some samples: Viewability for display getting better but still woefully under-performing – In Q3 2014, 46% of display impressions were actually viewable. This means that 54% of impressions […]


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Date posted: March 26, 2015

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