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Interview with Craig DeLarge

I want to thank Craig DeLarge for joining us for a 90@90 publisher summit and conducting a very in-depth video interview for our publishing partners and sharing insights from the pharma marketing suite.  We took this interview and broke it into two parts for viewing on the site.  Watch and enjoy and please feel free […]


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Date posted: October 27, 2014

Print enjoyed a rebound for first half 2014

With a sigh of some relief, print publishers have enjoyed a rebound in the first half of 2014 after a rough 2013.  MM&M reports on the latest release of Kantar Data highlighting the top 20 publications with growth and featuring comments from some advertising and publishing leaders.  There is also a great list of the top […]


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Date posted: October 15, 2014

Where is Pharma when it comes to programmatic media buying?

Here is a PM360 piece that we are quoted in regarding pharma’s participation in programmatic media buying. Programmatic buying allows for an open marketplace of buying and selling of media through a bidding process. While purchases can be done across many parameters, sites, contextual, search terms, etc… the big shift is towards buying “audiences” not […]


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Date posted: November 20, 2013

Google going against their core values and fixing auctions?

In a surprising move, Google is following Madison Avenues buying preference rather than blazing their own unique path as they’ve done historically. The company that popularized the auction based pricing model for advertising is changing its course when it comes to display advertising and video. Inking a deal, which by the sounds of it will […]


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Date posted: October 25, 2013

NPs and PAs are Big Targeting Opportunity

Questions: Who knows what NPs and PAs are doing online? Which publishers offer access to these audiences of growing importance? Who offers ways to effectively reach them in the digital landscape? Answer: INSERT YOUR WEBSITE/JOURNAL NAME HERE Research published in American Family Physician on August 15 says that the realities about these audiences are not […]


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Date posted: August 28, 2013

Pharma increases digital spend to HCPs from 17%-33% of budget…expected to hit 40% in 2014

Compas released a whitepaper covered in MM&M on its clients’ digital ad spend and the shifting of dollars from print to digital. At EHS, we’ve been predicting for a long time the not-so-hard-to-predict notion that pharma would “catch up” to other industries and shift more of its spending from offline efforts to more measurable digital […]


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Date posted: July 8, 2013

Browsers & Industry standards bearer IAB at war over the future of cookies

The debate over the future of 3rd party cookies is heating up as Randy Rothenberg of IAB fires harsh words at Mozilla for their proposal of a cookie clearing house. There is a lot at stake here for both the digital community over all and the US economy given that growth in digital advertising. What […]


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Date posted: July 1, 2013

Five Tips to Help Healthcare Marketers Reach Target Audiences

In 2013, targeting is all the rage in pharma marketing. More and more pharma companies are reserving their funds for use with vendors that can exactly target specific audiences – most narrowly, against a list-match. Today’s smartest marketers use a sophisticated mix of targeting – combined with strategic upfront planning – to achieve measurable results. Here are some tips […]


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Date posted: May 30, 2013