Mobile Optimization Best Practices & Quick Fixes

by Katelynn Mareno With over 80% of adults online using smartphones and tablets, mobile optimization is necessary for all publishers.  On April 21st, Google will deprioritize sites based on their mobile optimization. Here are a few best practices to enhance your mobile optimization: Make your site Mobile Responsive with “responsive design:” A mobile responsive site […]


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Date posted: April 17, 2015

Where Will Your Site Stand After Google’s “Mobile Friendly” Algorithm Update?

by Daniel R. Mullen Google has announced that on Tuesday, April 21, 2015, it will be bringing a major change to its search engine algorithm.  This update will focus expressly on whether your website, landing pages, and blog are fully optimized for mobile.  Those sites that are mobile optimized will enjoy a dramatic Google search engine ranking […]


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Viewability Articles and Resources

EHS to Host a Panel of Experts on Viewability: Mark your calendars! April 29th at 1:00 p.m. Register Today!   Analytics Programs Certified by MRC: MRC is the Media Rating Council MRC Accredited Viewable Display Impression and/or Ad Verification Vendors as of 3/15/15 Viewability Benchmarks: Viewability Benchmarks Winter 2015 Sizmek – April 2, 2015 2015 […]


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Date posted: April 2, 2015

Big Buyer Taking Media In House… Trend or Exception?

Land Rover is taking its advertising “in-house” via an in-house agency. Is this a trend?  Increasingly with technology make it really easy to buy and sell audience and media online, we are seeing more clients take control of their marketing spend and execution, which is further disrupting the agency business model.  Is this a good […]


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Date posted: March 30, 2015

Progressive Communication through Slack

by Diana Di Gioia In August 2013, Slack was introduced. The simple communication application is now being used by 500,000 users – 135,000 of those users are paying for the service. So what makes Slack the fastest growing business application in history? Slack is being used as the main form of communication for many tech-savvy […]


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Date posted: March 27, 2015

Benchmarks from comScore 2014

If you haven’t read this white paper by comScore, yet, I highly recommend it: 2015 US Digital Future in Focus It has some good benchmarks, here are some samples: Viewability for display getting better but still woefully under-performing – In Q3 2014, 46% of display impressions were actually viewable. This means that 54% of impressions […]


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Date posted: March 26, 2015

Why are Marketers having trouble measuring ROI?!

This chart and article floors me. “Despite increasing pressures to prove their worth, American CMOs continue to have difficulty quantitatively demonstrating the impact of their activities, according to a recent study.” Why? In this day and age of big data and analytics, why are CMOs having difficulty measuring the impact of their marketing activities? If […]


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Date posted: March 3, 2015