A view of the diabetes market from a futurist

There is much excitement and debate about potential value of disruptive new innovations such as the glucose measuring contact lens by Google.  Some feel this will revolutionize patient care, others poke holes with seemingly basic observations such as most people with diabetes can’t wear contact lenses, so how is this possibly going to work.  Love […]


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Date posted: January 30, 2015

Adopting a Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy in Pharma

by Samuel Ferrante With another year come and gone, the Pharmaceutical Advertising Market continues to adapt to an ever-changing digital environment at a quickening pace. Though change has remained constant over time, 2014 marked an important shift when “most healthcare professionals are now ‘digital natives’: they have grown up with digital technology as an integrated […]


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Date posted: January 27, 2015

eHealthcare Solutions Introduces FocalPoint Advanced Targeting Suite

We are pleased to introduced the advanced geo-medical targeting suite of products called FocalPoint™. In essence, FocalPoint™ gives the marketer the ability to reduce waste in the digital media buying by focusing their marketing spend on the most highly concentrated areas of the country where diagnosed patients live or where their prescriptions, or those of […]


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Date posted: January 23, 2015

How to Convince Patients that Technology can Save Their Lives

Last year, eHealthcare Solutions acquired an e-commerce business that sells a variety of products to people who suffer from diabetes. We believe in these products because we know they can truly change a patient’s health outlook. For instance, one of the products we offer is the A1CNow monitoring system that measures the average blood glucose […]


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Date posted: January 13, 2015

Trends that will effect Pharma marketing’s future

Pharma 2020: Marketing the future is a worthwhile PDF download that discusses how seven current trends are reshaping marketing in the pharmaceutical industry: Chronic diseases (like diabetes) aren’t just growing, they are “soaring” Healthcare payers are dictating the treatments doctors can provide or prescribe Adoption of EMRs or EHRs (electronic medical/health records) and other online […]


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Date posted: January 5, 2015

Viewability Benchmarks for 2015

What is the number one thing you should do to move your analytics into 2015? Publishers: Make sure you are measuring viewability and using the results to improve your site. Advertisers: Make sure your agencies are monitoring viewability statistics. What is viewability? Viewability is a metric to determine if the ads on a site are […]


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Date posted: December 30, 2014

Email & Social Media are the Winners!

In 2015, looks like Email and Social Media programs will benefit the most from budget increases, while Print is getting the shaft. Mobile, Search (both Organic and Paid), and Display Advertising are fighting for third place for budget money. Increasing subscriber engagement through Welcome and Loyalty email programs are a top priority for marketing plans […]


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Date posted: December 16, 2014

Pandas, Penguins and Pirates, Oh My!

Has your site recently had a big boost in organic traffic or conversely have you been left hanging out to dry with a noticeable decrease in organic traffic? You might have been hit by a Google Algorithm update. Google has three major algorithms that can have a significant impact on your traffic each time they […]


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Date posted: December 9, 2014