Progressive Communication through Slack

by Diana Di Gioa In August 2013, Slack was introduced. The simple communication application is now being used by 500,000 users – 135,000 of those users are paying for the service. So what makes Slack the fastest growing business application in history? Slack is being used as the main form of communication for many tech-savvy […]


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Date posted: March 27, 2015

Benchmarks from comScore 2014

If you haven’t read this white paper by comScore, yet, I highly recommend it: 2015 US Digital Future in Focus It has some good benchmarks, here are some samples: Viewability for display getting better but still woefully under-performing – In Q3 2014, 46% of display impressions were actually viewable. This means that 54% of impressions […]


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Date posted: March 26, 2015

Twitter Chats – A Case Study

For the past few months, we’ve been testing out promotion of our e-commerce websites via Twitter chats. We have some metrics to share with everyone today and we will continue to update this article as new metrics come in. What is a Twitter Chat? Multiple Twitterers get together and tweet (post) under the same hashtag. […]


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Date posted: March 24, 2015

Why are Marketers having trouble measuring ROI?!

This chart and article floors me. “Despite increasing pressures to prove their worth, American CMOs continue to have difficulty quantitatively demonstrating the impact of their activities, according to a recent study.” Why? In this day and age of big data and analytics, why are CMOs having difficulty measuring the impact of their marketing activities? If […]


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Date posted: March 3, 2015

Display Advertising Discrepancies Part I – Trafficking Errors

by Ilya Iaskevich This two part series will cover errors that can occur when tracking a display advertising campaign across multiple systems. The success of a Display Advertising Campaign (also referred to as a banner advertising campaign) can be measured through a combination of different metrics. However, the most fundamental metric is the “impression.” An […]


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Date posted: February 25, 2015

Will the Apple Watch have Advertising Opportunities?

by Diana Di Gioia The Apple Watch is set to be released Spring 2015. It will have customizable technology and apps that people are already raving about. Many companies are trying to seize this as an opportunity for additional marketing space. This new type of ad space will only increase visibility of brands and marketing […]


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Date posted: February 18, 2015

Nano Pill being developed by Google X to detect diseases such as cancer

Google X, the radical innovation of Google designed to experiment and commercialize disruptive innovations such as the driverless car, and the contact lens that detects glucose levels, has announced they are working on a nano pill that they expect to have in doctor’s hands within ten years, designed to help detect diseases like cancer much […]


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Date posted: February 17, 2015

Pfizer a leader in use of big data to improve outcomes

Pfizer is a pharmaceutical leader in the use of big data to improve outcomes.  A great guest post by Geno Germano at Pfizer talks about what Pfizer is already doing today, as well as outlining things to come, regarding the use of big data and technology to improve patient outcomes.  Pfizer again is demonstrating it’s […]


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Date posted: February 16, 2015

EHS Signs Exclusive Agreement with AORTA Journal

A New Opportunity for Advertisers to Reach Healthcare Professionals Focused on Cardiovascular Disease EWING, NJ, January 15th, 2014 – eHealthcare Solutions (EHS) is proud to announce it has signed an agreement with AORTA, the official journal of the Aortic Institute at Yale-New Haven Hospital. This partnership expands EHS Cardiology channel and extends it to include […]


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Date posted: February 13, 2015