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Experts Confirm Importance of Authenticated Audience

What’s happening in the healthcare industry?

Experts from Manhattan Research, comScore, Eli Lilly, Publicis Health, Digitas, CMI/Compas, Cadient, Razorfish, Heartbeat Ideas, and The Halo Group, to name a few, convened at the 2013 EHS Publisher Summit to share their insights with key industry publishers.

The message was clear: publishers that will play a prominent role in marketing budgets in the future will be those who can provide marketers with authenticated audience reach across multi-channel platforms. In some cases, the experts shared a fundamental shift within their organizations to ONLY spending with publishers that can provide targeted reach and ROI tools across multi-channel platforms. Goodwill budget dollars and assumptive spends are becoming a thing of the past.

Watch for additional blog posts in the coming weeks as we share more about the valuable data, insights, and opinions that were the focus of this unique industry event. Let us know if you’d like to discuss anything sooner.

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