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2016 Viewability Best Practices for U.S. Healthcare Publishers and Advertisers

Viewability is a metric used to determine if the ads on a website are actually being seen by visitors. An ad is considered “viewable” if 50% of the ad is visible for 1 second or more. Non-human traffic (NHT) is deeply integrated with viewability measurement. NHT is defined as traffic that comes from machines. Obviously, traffic from a machine means that the ad impression was not viewed by a human; therefore it should not contribute to in-view impressions. Both metrics need to be analyzed in order to understand why a specific campaign or website may be performing poorly for viewability.

Throughout 2015, advertisers and agencies within the healthcare industry made strides to tie payment to viewability metrics, while publishers made efforts to improve their site viewability metrics. Viewability measurement tools also improved their offerings.

This whitepaper provides best practices, case studies and metrics to help both advertisers and publishers continue to manage and improve viewability.

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